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  • Name: One lead pot & multi casting machines system
  •      One lead pot & multi casting machines system is a new equipment for grid casting,which achieves the demands of enciroment and energy conservation,this new system is combined with the advancement of flat casting machine after concentrated research.

    Equipment characters:

    Lead transporting automatically part:put the lead ingot on the table,when the lead level is below the contral line,the feeding frame will transport the lead ingot into the lead pot.

    Waste recovery system:it adapts circle crawler-type of 35m,which can deliver the waste lead material into the large lead pot;this can save the cost,and reduce the labor intensity and lessen the mechanical damage by human error operating;

    Lead melting part:Large and small lead pot heat gradually ,the lead ingot is melted by the large lead  pot first,the temperature is setted as 350℃,the lead is mixing at the same time by the large pot to insure the new and old lead mixing uniformity;the small pot is for casting,its temperature is setted as 500℃ and was sealed absolutely.This structure saves energy and environmental cost,has less lead slag;convulsions and dust removal device distribut concentrated,which results good enciroment result.

    Centralized lead supply: When the lead arrive each main machine across the lead transporting pipe,it flows to quantity  valve by branch lead transporting pipe,and then the lead inject into the lead spoon of each main machine;

    Main machine:it is a new design of waste shear system,the cutter and the plate collecting system are on the same plane with the surface of grid transmission,this avoids the plates’three times shock on the position of sliding-cane board,banked cutter and collecting frame,and lower the deformation of the grid during casting drastically.

    The efficiency of each main machine is 10-15p/min;

    The time of plate moving on the plane is longer:this can prolong the cooling time of the grid,and for thick grid,the cooling is longer than the old machine,the efficiency is 20-30% higher than the traditonal model,high performance/price ratio.

    The way of quantitative lead supply by cermic ball which is valve core type in this industry are designed first by our company,this system uses this way on the quantitative lead supply system,which material is custom made,the valve plug and the expansion coefficent of pump body are cooperated presidionly by well designed, cooperate precision;the cases of scuffing,blocking and leaking are not easy occur,maintenance friendly.

    The resources that users should provide by themselves about above machines:
    1. Power system: 380V±10%、50Hz ;
    2. Compressed air: 0.4-0.6Mpa ,≥0.3m3/min ;
    3. Provide all kinds of wires according to field condition;
    4. Prepare pipeline for air drafting to outdoor .


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