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  • Name: BF300 enveloper
  • Introduction:


    BF300enveloping & stacking m/c by Hilans is for the supply of enveloping plates and matching groups in the production of car batteries.

     The machine is composed of vacuum belt loading mechanism (3 sets), plate conveyor, separator paper unwinding mechanism, separator paper transport mechanism, separator paper cutting mechanism and the rotary blade receiving mechanism combination mechanism, environmental protection, dust removal equipment, and electrical control system, can automatically and efficiently complete car plate encapsulation assembly the production environment, to meet the requirements of the development of environmental protection industry.

          It owns one state invention patent:Patent No: 201320563466.3;three new practical patent, Patent No: 201420086171.6201420085268.5201420050950.0.

    process flow :Artificial palletizing - vacuum positive / negative / plate (according to the number of groups) - plate transport, separator paper transport - separator paper cutting, plate coated - plate group - pole group transport – receive group.

    Technical parameters:

    1. plate size; L x W=(100- 160)x(85-160)mm; It can be custom made ;

    2. Distributing number: Program set ;

    3. Efficiency: 300 pcs/min ;

    4.Power supply: AC380V /50HZ,power: 32KW (include negative pressure dust collector )

    5.Air supply: 0.4-0.6Mpaconsumption: 50L/min


    7. plate failure rate≤0.2% ;

    8. separator failure rate≤0.3%;  

    10.Enveloping accuracy: top error≤15mm,central point error between plate and seperator≤1mm.


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