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  • Name: GFB-DM2 Plate Cutting Machine
  • GFB-DM2

    Description:GFB-DM2 automatic segmentation plate rolling machine is a conjunction of the two plates for fast and accurate positioning of the shear plate special equipment. It has reasonable structure, high precision cutting, high efficiency, compact structure, pleasing in appearance, less cutting waste and so on. Its easy to operate, easy maintenance, large production range, and fast speed, is the ideal equipment of lead-acid storage battery production.
    Device characteristics
    1, the machine featured with automatically plates feeding, lug brushing, end lug cut, conveyor transition, plates cutting and collecting, compared with the traditional way of slicing, higher productivity, more efficacy.
    2, Loading agencies for the use of suction-chip approach, which adapts a wide range of plate specifications, particularly adaptable to the plate thickness. Suction nozzle uses silica gel material, more durable.
    3, Brushing ears adopts long layering pressed to protect the plate in the brush-chip process deviation  and deformation; brush films imported stainless steel wire brush, the life of brush up to two million times , the whole piece powered by electric motor separately ensure that the brush in the process of more smooth,  higher luminance brightness after brushing.
    4, Cut ears and sub-board uses roll-way, small saws slicing slit, cut sub-plate lead-free chip, the plate after cutting without crimping, no glitches, reducing the workload of the follow-up process. Cutter blade made by imported material, long service life can be cut two million times. The adjustment of the blade position uses expansion sleeve adjustment scheme to facilitate the movement of the blade position to adapt to more types of grid.
    5, The use of variable frequency stepless speed regulation, high degree of automation, easier to operate.
    6, The plate gets into the state of cutting, using border location, position more accurately, lower reject rate of sub-shear plate.
    7, With the pumping of four connector for lead dust around the (at the top and brush ears service interface for the powerful dust extraction, collection film location is the dust suction interface)and the waste ears collection device, equipment confined at the bottom, sub-plate process without lead dust, friendly working environment, good environmental performance. Better than built-in vacuum cleaners, cleaner dust extraction, bying using of ventilation and existing equipment, without duplication of investment.
    8, The device has automatic counting function.

    Main technical parameters
    1, Production efficiency: 60-100 pieces
    2, Applicable size of grid: L (200-300) × W (100-170) 
    3, Installed power: 8KW
    4, External dimensions : L4820 × W1740 × H1650
    5, Equipment weight: about 2500kg
    6, Gas source: the maximum pressure ≤ 0.7 Mpa, the work pressure 0.5-0.55Mpa, air displacement ≥ 0.3 m3/min of compressed air source, require first level filtration drying; Power Supply: Three-phase 380V ± 10%, 50Hz.
    7, Maximum working pressure of loading absorption plate system : -8 Mpa.

    8,The access of pipeline reception-fan to the outroom dust suction rate 8m/min.

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