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  • Name: TB700 Industrial Pasting Machine

    TB700 Industrial Pasting Machine

    Device characteristics
    1, Equipment bearing adopts a centralized lubrication system, convenient and effective lubrication, extending the life of the bearings, easy to maintain.

    2, The fuselage sets the grid transportation agencies, painted board host device and poured acid and water in one, compact structure, good rigidity. Convenient and flexible. Acid leaching keeps 1 m distant with the pasting tail. reducing the transmission chain of dryer surface corrosion. And acid leaching agencies adopts a whole rack full of stainless steel structure, to avoid a corrosive acid to improve the life of the rack. In order to reduce iron ions on the course of the pasting plate.

    3, Grid pastes sheet single CVT, wider use range, speed match. For vacuum absorption panels, the deformation grid is not easy.

    4, Hopper uses two straight trough pasting roller to paste and paste special device was carried out under the micro-adjustment and control.

    5, High-quality alloy roller blade, with a special heat treatment process, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, Neat surface of Pasting board, the weight error of accurate control, and ensure the consistency and stability of coated plates.

    6, Imported coated strips paint cream evenly and transmit steady. The tightness of  coated strip, extrusion of water and hopper overtured uses pneumatic adjustment; roller, axis and other key spares contact acidd using stainless corrosion-resistant steel material

    Main technical parameters
    1, Hopper capacity: 250Kg lead paste;

    2, Pasting grid production efficiency: 40-80 pieces/ min

    3, Pasting range: L (390-660) × W (110-200) × T (2.0-6.0)

    4, Installed capacity: 18KW

    5, Dimensions: L3420× W 1560×H1880.

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