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  • Name: ZB4018P Casting Machine
  • ZB4018Pasting Machine                                                   

    Description: casting machine is a new type casting machine developed by our company, the waste shear system adopts the new sliced design, cutter and collection of grids systems with the grid transmission in the framework of the same plane, greatly reducing grids deformation caused by the impact in the grid casting process, improving the yield of the grid, reducing waste and defective products in the production process.

    Device characteristics
    1, The host drive: the opening and closing of mold and the ration lead feeding use stable and reliable pneumatic components to control, and other mechanical drive means are also stable and reliable. The speed control of the main machine uses the frequency converter to realize variable speed, adjustment range is wide, and speed control is simple.
    2, Machine adopts upper lead pot using lead feeding ways, installed a low power, no lead and mercury mixing will not produce a large number of lead slag. (Which can be customized according to customer requirements for lower lead pot )
    3, Lead feeding system uses two sets dependent lead-valve design, one control continuity of lead liquid, the other for the quantitative lead feeding valve, avoiding out-of-control of lead valve to damage the host, and can make it easier for quantitative lead feeding valve for maintenance, reducing equipment downtime.
    4, Lead spoon in the non-burning gas, the heating tube power can be increased to 3KW.
    5, Mold temperature is controlled by the on-off of electro thermal tube which is controlled by thermocouple in the mold , mold heating temperature control and temperature display show separately, that is when not heated as long as opening the main control switch can show that the mold temperature , circulating water control mold temperature automatically.
    6, Lead spoon temperature is controlled by the on-off of electro thermal tube which is controlled by thermocouple in order to achieve automatic control of lead spoon temperature.
    7, Flat cutter, parallel collect slice: cutter and grid transmission in the same plane to avoid grid deformation caused by the impact in the grid casting process, collect slice is automatically parallel laminated film for close-chip approach reduces grid deformation in the process of casting, greatly improving the grid forming rate and production efficiency.
    8, To make sure stability of equipment, the key devices adopt imported equipment, inverter using "Omron" imported electrical components, etc.; pneumatic actuators using the Taiwan "AirTAC" pneumatic parts.
    9, Electrical control system concentrates original host machine electric control cabinet and lead-melting furnace control cabinet for the whole, for the purpose of centralized control, systematization and automation, easy operation and maintenance.
    10, Casting mold: annular exhaust joints, T-shaped water cooling groove, mold temperature (120-190
    )  is controlled by the on-off of electro thermal tube which is controlled by thermocouple, circulating water controls mold temperature automatically.
    11, There is a certain space between the machine bottom and the ground, easy to clean.
    12, The machine sets aside hole site connecting to the ground screws.(also can not connect to the ground screws)


    Main technical parameters
    1, Casting efficiency: 7-16 pieces / min;
    2, Casting range: 400 × (110-180) × (1.2-4.0) mm;
    3, The total power installed capacity: 9Kw;
    4, The application of grid alloy: Lead-antimony alloy :1.6-7 .5%, Pb-Ca alloy :0.08-0.12%;
    5, Grid mold: according to grid drawings design provided by users.
    6, Lead-melting furnace temperature control: temperature control adjustable :430-500
    , the working range of ± 10
    7, Grid mold temperature control : on the mode :120-170 ℃
    , under the mode :120-190 ℃;
    8, Lead spoon temperature control: temperature control :450-550 ℃.

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