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  • Name: TB390S Double-sided Pasting Machine
  • TB390S Double-sided Pasting Machine

    Description:TB390S is the double-sided pasting machine fitting for Middle & Small Sealed grid, which characterizes Auto-complete grid supplying, lead paste coating, platen, acid leaching etc. With the same featuring of imported equipment, reasonable structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, and high productivity. Neat surface of Pasting board, the weight error of accurate control, and ensure the consistency and stability of coated plates, is an ideal equipment of battery production process.
    Device characteristics

    Part of grid loading: 1) the lengthening of grid loading agencies to operate more safely; 2) grid loading agencies gap is adjustable to adapt to a variety of grid design; 3) longer chip board access, and ensuring the film stability; 4)grid loading takes the first choice of suction silicone material, to reduce a waste of a lot more wear and tear issues by using other coated board machine adopts small rubber suction head eye.

    Pasting board host parts: 1) host transmission and hopper variable speed are fighting Frequency (VVVF choose "Omron" products), really realize the variable speed, and can pasting a wide range of thickness of  grid,  in order to meet various speed and grid of lead plaster coating; 2) widening the width of the host; 3) host bold follower roller, plate coated with the corresponding lengthened to 2050 mm, a reduction of other machines due to the driven plate coated roller lead to the formation of small-diameter blade coating strip easily so that the phenomenon of stretch and effectively extend the service life of coated strip, the use of greatly reduced cost; 4) a unique quantitative design under the cream and reduce the waste of the lead paste, lower production costs; 5) double cream cream Doo Doo design, to avoid lead paste into the bearing plate when coated lead weight, thickness and paste the error and the stir shaft, squeezing roller cream break the phenomenon of easy and effective solution to the failure of other coated plate rate, easy maintenance. 6) Paste the buckets of a centralized lubrication lubrication to facilitate the operation of equipment maintenance on the equipment.
    Acid leaching of part of: 1), institutions and acid leaching acid, water contact parts of the whole selection of acid-resistant stainless steel materials (including the nail screws, rack, etc.), greatly extended the life of the part; 2) leaching water, leaching of acid-roll all the selected acid-resistant coating material waterproof material; 3) acid leaching roller shaft is all-pass design, to avoid the other coated board machine plus welding axle roller easily lead to the use of a certain period of time broken shaft corrosion phenomenon. 4) Acid leaching roller part of the transition of special materials chosen to solve the problem of easy cream dip.

    Main technical parameters
    1, Hopper capacity: 130Kg lead paste;

    2, Pasting grid production efficiency :80-140 piece/ min.
    3, The pasting thickness deviation is below ± 0.1mm; weight deviation of less than ± 5g
    4, Pasting range :L(220-360) × W (110-170) × T (1.2-4.5)
    5, Installed capacity: 16KW;

    6 Dimensions: L 3828× W1310 ×H1915 (turnover)

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