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  • Name: HG-ZK1000/HG-ZK1500 Vacuum Mixer
  • I. Brief Introduction

    1.IntroductionHG-ZK1000 vacuum paste mixing machine is a professional 1000kg paste mixing machine developed by Hilans to meet the needs of cleanness and automation in lead acid batter industry. It can finish the functions such as, accessories weighing and feeding, oxide weighing and feeding, acid weighing and feeding, water weighing and feeding, fast vacuum mixing, paste storage, and automatic washing. Automatic needle penetration control achieves paste of highly evenness.

    2. Advantages of vacuum paste mixing machine

    2.1 High quality:Staggered mixed Logisticsachieves paste with higher evenness degree. There is no particle lost in the all sealed system, which will keep the accuracy of prescription. The partial overheat phenomenon won’t happen, as vacuum cooling method will act on each paste crystal to remain the even temperature of paste, which could be controlled precisely according to the temperature range curve. And it won’t be influent by outer air temperature and humidity change. The positive paste and negative paste are mixed in the same machine. Materials are in Semi suspended state in vacuum circumstance. Rotating inner tank will generates a contrary speed difference to rotating mixing axle. There is Staggered mixed Logistics during paste mixing. The maximum rotating speed of mixing rotating axle can be up to 140 cycles per min. All these ensure the high consistency of paste mixing.

    2.2 High efficiency: It takes around 18-24 min to finish a whole paste mixing cycle in this machine, while about 50 min in traditional paste mixing cycle.

    2.3 Zero emission and pollution: all the acid fog and water steam occurred in paste mixing are recycled to main machine tank by condenser. So the whole technique is carried on in a whole sealed circumstance, which achieves no material lost,volatilized or any auxiliary environmental treatment.

    2.4 Precise prescription: So all the technique is carried on in a whole sealed circumstance, which achieves no material lost,volatilized, thus to achieve more precise prescription in paste mixing.

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