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  • Name: SQ100 Plate cutting machine
  • 1.Describe of function

    Be used to brush & cut lug, cut plate and brush frame which is suitable for middle sized two shall plate of lead-acid battery.

      The whole machine is mainly made up of feeding frame, plastic mechanism, side brush mechanism, upper and lower brushing mechanism, suction mechanism, ear cutting mechanism, ear brushing mechanism, single brush mechanism (mending false polar ear side frame, waste recovery mechanism). The receiving table and aluminum profile environmental protection cover are composed of (see the equipment plane layout map for details, automatic completion of the large dense plate of the ear-cutting panel brushing edge action, with the environmental protection of the air outlet interface at the same time. The production environment meets the requirements of the environmental protection development of the industry. The equipment has been granted a national patent, invention patent number:201410785235.6,Utility model patent no 201420800499.X.

    2.Main Technical Parameters:

  • Efficiency:60-80p/min;
  • Applied siza:L260-380,W120-160;
  • Dimensions:L7900xW2190xH1730;
  • Power:18KW;
  • Weight:5T.
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