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  • Name: ZH200 COS
  • Application range:

              ZH200 automatic casting welder is a special equipment developed by our company for battery electrode welding of lead-acid battery. The whole set of equipment is made up of a group of clamping finishing mechanism, saw ear, brush flux, tin dipping mechanism, casting welding mechanism, water tank, The automatic output mechanism and electrical control system are composed of (see the equipment plane layout diagram for details, automatic stable and efficient completion of automotive battery pole group casting welding, at the same time with the environmental protection ventilation interface, the production environment to meet the requirements of the development of environmental protection in the industry. This equipment has obtained the national patent, patent number: 201320639097.1. The specific technological process of the whole machine is as follows: the automatic upper pole group, the finishing pole group, the rotating disk rotating 90 °-sawing ear clockwise, the brush flux rotating 90 °-manual / automatic upper pole post clockwise, Pole group casting welding-rotating 90 °-pole group slot clockwise.

    Main technical parameters:

     1, scope of application: mainly suitable for automatic welding busbar of medium density lead-acid battery pole group;

     2, source: AC380V / 50 HZ, work rate: 110kW;

    3.the effective rate is40-80pcs / h(EV CELL);

    4, gas source: 0.6-0.8Mpa. gas consumption: 42L / min;

    5.Water source: 0.2MPA;

    6, weight of the whole machine: 6000kg;

    7.the shape size is 3: 3700mm × 2900mm × 2900mm (length × width × height);

     8, the thickness of the busbar: ≤ 8.5 mm;

    9.The distance between the top surface of the busbar and the top surface of the polar ear was 2 mm (adjustable);

    10, the precision of the busbar: width ±0.15 mm, length ±0.2 mm; The limit deviation of polar ear height is required to be less than 1 mm, and the surface of polar ear is lead-free.

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