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  • Name: Paste Filling Machine 挤膏机
  • Device characteristics:
    The national patent has been applied for JGDM620 paste filling machine,for its quality has reached the advanced international level.
    Adopting human-machine interface PLC programmable controller to control automatically, it could store technical parameters so that it can still work well by selecting equivalent parameters when the plate’s model is changed.
    Moreover, it has many advantages such as simple operation, reliable performance, strong function, high efficiency, stable quality and beneficial environmental effects.

    1. It could finish positioning, feeding, filling and washing plates totally automatically. Also, it allows changing between manually operated and automatic operated freely.

    2. The length of filling paste could be adjusted freely by the length of the plate.

    3. The filling pump adopts frequency converter to achieve governing the speed uniformly.

    4. The speed of paste filling and plate feeding could be governed uniformly.

    5. Lead paste could be recycled, which is good for environmental protection.

    First, put the plates into the original position after the lead paste is ready in the hopper. Both filling and transferring of plates are finished automatically.
    Second, governing the speed uniformly, lead paste could be transferred by pump to stainless steel tube. Then, plates are pushed into the stainless steel tube too.
    At last, the pump fills the plate with lead paste continuously until the whole plate is filled completely and uniformly.

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