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  • Name: SQ120 Lug brushing and cutting machine
  • SQ120

    SQ120 Lug brushing and cutting machine is the latest researched and developed private installation for the lug brushing and cutting of middle & small lead acid batteries.


    Device characteristics

    It can finish sendingfeeding colleting Plates, and brushing lugs automatically and continuously. Its efficiency is 120 Pieces/Min;

    The way of positioning is unique and reliable. The sides of lugs and the back of plates could be positioned at the same time when brushing, the rejection rate are largely reduced.

    The equipment adopts sealed structure, together with garbage collection and suction inlet, which leads to less lead dust pollution and more excellent environmental performance. Also, it could largely reduce the employment density and decrease the cost of labor.


    Main technical parameters

    Applicable size of grid:L250-390mm×W100-170 mm×H(≤4) mm

    Production efficiency: 80-120 pieces / min

    Installed power5.07KW

    Overall weightabout 1900KG

    External dimensionsL4200mm ×W1780mm ×H1870mm


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