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    By high temperature air blower and air flue, the hot air could be recycled. The heat usage rate is high. It uses double chain to transfer the plate and the alternating current to control the speed. This machine fits for all sizes of plate.


    Main technical parameters

    1Installed Power296.8KwActual powerabout 238KW

    2It adopts the stepless speed adjusting. The drying oven has two rows. The plate is put in the frame and frame is hanged on the chain.

    The transfer speed18meter/20-30mins

    Moisture content after dryingPositive plate≤0.3%, negative plate≤0.3%

    The inner effective height: 350mmThe length of the main body is 18meters, three parts in all. The three parts are made and installed separately. In the former part, both the upward and downward air flue uses the stainless steel. And the middle part and latter part use the good steel plate too.

    The feeding part has 6 leachate axial flow fan. And the collecting part has 2 cooler.

    3Heat air blast circulated. The blower is stainless steel.

    4The temperature of oven

          The drying oven has three parts. Each part uses unique Electronic thermo-controllers for transformers to control automatically.

          The controlling range100150℃

    Ⅰ part100150℃

    Ⅱ part110150℃

    Ⅲ part100150℃

    5The lead rail is installed flatly and paralleled without blocking.

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