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  • Name: ZB160S Casting Machine
  • ZB160S Casting Machine

    Description: ZB160S compared with ZB160A, only changes the way of lead feeding that is setting the upper lead pot on machine; it is applicable to cast all types of small and medium-sized sealed battery and starter battery.

    Device characteristics
    1, The host drive: the opening and closing of mold and the ration lead feeding use stable and reliable pneumatic components to control, and other mechanical drive means are also stable and reliable. The speed control of the main machine uses the frequency converter to realize variable speed, adjustment range is wide, and speed control is simple.
    2, Lead feeding system uses two sets dependent lead-valve design, one control continuity of lead liquid, the other for the quantitative lead feeding valve, avoiding out-of-control of lead valve to damage the host, and can make it easier for quantitative lead feeding valve for maintenance, reducing equipment downtime.  

    3, other parts the same with ZB160A.

    Main technical parameters
    1, Production efficiency: :7-15 pieces / min.
    2, Grid casting range: 390 × (105-165) × (1.2-4.0) mm;
    3, The total power installed capacity: 35Kw, the actual power of 25KW.
    4, The application of grid alloy: Lead-antimony Alloy: 1.6-7 .5%, Pb-Ca alloy: 0.08-0.12%, 4000 to ensure production of large class / classes.
    5, Mold grid: According to grid drawings design provided by users.
    6, Lead-melting furnace temperature control: temperature control adjustable: 430-500
    , the working range of ± 10
    7, Grid mold temperature control: on the mode: 120-170
    , under the mode: 120-190 .
    8, Lead spoon temperature control: temperature control: 450-550 .

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