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  • HGX1000

    Equipment characteristics:
    1, The mixing production lines fully automated production process can be converted automatically and manually.
    2, The mixing production line system uses industrial man-machine conversation  interface and touch-screen design monitored by PLC system, can be prestore 30 sets of plaster process procedures, easier to operate.
    3 All parts contacts lead paste and acid water acid mist used resistant stainless steel, acid leaching chooses PP material, barrel body and mixing spindle jacket as a whole, in order to avoid the infiltration of acid, water and lead paste,and corrosion of transmission spindle, bearings and reducer.
    4, Mixing host machine adopts air-cooled water cooling method, effectively control paste temperature of the lead paste combined process.
    5, Barrel body and bottom of mixing machine contain water cooling systems, and unique tank design of diversion to ensure that cooling water flows through the every corner of mixing machine to achieve the best cooling effect.
    6, Lead powder, acid and water are stable and reliable measurement of advanced tension control sensors, weighing and repeat the weighing accuracy can reach 0.2%.
    7, using a unique cream washing and water drainage devices, to avoid corrosion on oxide silo and coated board machine.
    8, Scraper of mixing system designed reasonable, up-cut knives and legislation clearance and angle adjustment is very convenient, we can make sure and barrels at the end with the gap to 1 mm or less can reduce more than the residual paste.

    9. The machine functioned with automatically counted and laminated slice to reduce follow-up technologist.

    Main technical parameters:
    A) Mixing host machine:
    1, A single volume of the largest powder together: HGX1000: 1000kg / approved.
    2, Spindle Speed: 37r/min;
    3, Power consumption: HGX1000: 45KW.
    4, Cooling water: 1.5 ~ 2T / h
    5, Compressed air: air pressure: 0.6 MPa, volume: 0.001 m3/ min.
    B),Storage of lead paste:
    1, Electrical power: 4Kw;           2, Volume: Φ1150x1425 mm3;
    3, Storage volume cream: 1500Kg;  4, Blade Speed: 3.1r/min.
    C), Weighing device: (pulling force sensor weighing accuracy: ± 0.2%)
    1, Acidic water weighing: Volume: Φ600x600 mm3, capacity: 150Kg
    2, Lead powder weighing: Volume: Φ1100x1400 mm3, Capacity: 1000kg
    D), Electrical control:
    1,Volume: 1000x800x450 mm3.
    2, the whole system is PLC programmable controller, according to user requirements focus on programming process control, streamlined automatic production.
    3, The console operation panel can display: powder, acid, water weight, mixing temperature, mixing time,overall flow visualization. And can be converted automatically and manually.

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